Two years ago, Worth More Ministries was an idea in my head, and a dream in my heart. The vision had been set before me, God had confirmed it in more ways than I can count, and yet, I seldom let myself really dream about it. Back then it was still nameless, seemed like an impossibility, and was the one thing about my future that scared the socks off of me.

Worth More Ministries began as a seed  in my heart when I was at a crossroads and was desperately seeking God’s plan for my life. It was one of those, “I’m going to dare to dream about this, but it will probably never happen,” kind of things.

However, God works in bigger ways than I could ever imagine, and began laying the foundation of a ministry in my heart. He spoke to me about a ministry that would unite women in the local Church, through a network of Bible studies, and that would bring them together once a year for an area conference. A ministry that would change the face of social media. A ministry that would push women one step closer to God’s plan for their life through an understanding of their true worth and value.

A ministry that was real.

Worth More Ministries exists to empower women to reach their full potential, through an understanding of their value in Jesus Christ. Our ministry exists to show women that it’s ok to be broken and hurting, because we serve a God who sees us where we are and loves us with an overwhelming love. Worth More Ministries is a place where the sick, the needy, and the hungry can come and encounter a God who radically changes lives. Worth More Ministries is a place where we can all enter in, take a deep breath, and together, encounter a very real God in a very real way.

Wherever you are, whatever situation you are in the midst of, you are worth so much more than what the world has to offer you. Welcome home, friend.

Hallie Smith



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  1. Hallie –

    Before you were born, I prayed that God would have His hand on your heart and life. I prayed that you would know Him, know how to walk with Him and know how to help others do the same. I can’t tell even begin to tell you how this new ministry — a HUGE step of faith — brings joy to my heart. God has grown you into a young woman with a big heart in helping other women to follow in His ways for their lives.

    I am so excited to see how this ministry will be used to bring glory to our Father … the lover of our souls.

    Love you more,

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  2. Hallie I hope & pray this will be a ministry that will take root & grow to insurmountable depths & bring women worldwide to the knowledge of their true worth to a Jesus who thinks their value is far above rubies!!! God bless you as you begin this great adventure in your life & bless all those connected as they help in this great endeavor!!!

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  3. Hallie, What an inspiration you are! There have been countless times I have read your posts and been encouraged by what you are learning, how you have been seeking, and the people you inspire! My prayer for you is that God will grow this ministry in a HUGE way, so that all women may know their true worth in Christ Jesus. God bless you and give you the resources and faith to keep this dream alive!

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