The Actions of Christ

Good morning, sweet reader! I hope you loved the blog last week about the character of Jesus. This week we are focusing on the actions of Jesus. Last week on the blog you heard about a man who came down from Heaven, lived a perfect life, and died an awful death, all so that we could be with Him one day. He died for the sole purpose of getting to spend eternity with us.

This week, we want to focus on His actions while He was on Earth. How does Jesus physically act on our behalf? Think of the miracles He performed on Earth—whether He was spitting into the mud to rub on a blind man’s eyes, or handing out loaves and fishes, Jesus’ compassion (or, in some cases, anger) led Him to physical action. As you read over this list, reflect on how you have seen Jesus move in your own life!

  1. He rescued me because He delighted in me. Psalm 18:19
  2. He constantly pursues my heart.
  3. He fights for me even when I want Him to give up.
  4. He died not just for the sins I know about, but for the sins I will commit tomorrow, and the rest of my life.
  5. Jesus BECAME sin so that I could become the righteousness of Christ. He didn’t just take on our sin; He was sin.
  6. He pulled me out of the pit.
  7. My hope can be fully placed in Him, because I know He is coming back for His bride.
  8. He endured every trial I have ever faced, and came out victorious, so I know that I can always lean on Him in moments of distress.
  9. He gives me life when I actually deserve death (John 3:16).
  10. He gives me hope for my future both here on this earth and after I leave it (Jeremiah 29:11).
  11. He died to cleanse me from all the mistakes I have made in life, all the people I have hurt, all the gossip I have spread, all the jealousy in my heart, all the dark thoughts in my mind (Ephesians 5:25-27).
  12. He gives me peace during the trials in my life (John 14:27).
  13. He never hides or runs out on me when I am in trouble (Isaiah 43:2-3).
  14. He forgives me when I have done something that offends Him (1 John 1:9).
  15. He loves me even when I do not love Him (1 John 4:10).
  16. There is nothing we go through in life that Jesus didn’t. By becoming human, He dealt with every struggle that we have and left an example of how to handle them with love. He was backstabbed by His friends, His strength and knowledge were challenged, among other things. It means so much that He could humble Himself to be one of us and better understand the challenge that it is to live like God while dealing with human struggles.
  17. He’s my constant companion.  I could talk to Him when I couldn’t talk to my friends during a test – about how badly I was probably failing.  He was there through all my tears the first time my best friend turned her back on me in middle school and the first time my heart got broken in high school.  He was there with me in the car on those long drives home from college as I screamed along with High School Musical and the Backstreet Boys and all the other artists I couldn’t admit to my new roommates that I liked.  He was there with me at graduation as I shook Dr. Cook’s hand, and there with me in the early morning hours before my wedding when I couldn’t fall asleep.  Do you know how great it is to have someone always there, someone who can never be taken away?  I’m not talking about a friend there on the other end of the phone; I mean someone to walk through life with.  That’s Jesus, and He’s my constant friend.

Jesus was a man of character.  Jesus was a man of action.  He was a Son who so passionately followed His Father’s will that He turned over the tables in the temple in righteous anger when the people were using it for purposes that didn’t honor His Father. He was a teacher whose words live on in a book that is still a bestseller 2,000 years after His life on Earth.

But the whole point of the Gospel—the thing that makes it more than just a history story and turns it into a cause to which to give your life—is that Jesus is more than “a man who was.”  He is a God who is. He was there in the wilderness with the Israelites, and He’s here with us today.  He was there with Moses as he led the Israelites to the Promised Land, and He continually fulfills His promises to us daily. He walked the roads of the Roman Empire with His disciples, and He still walks alongside us faithfully each day. With that in mind, let’s live our lives as if we truly are constantly in the presence of the Great I Am, because we are, and because He is.


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