Oh, Eve: An Open Letter to the One Who Doomed Humanity

Oh, Eve. Why couldn’t you have chosen a different banana? You better be thinking of a good answer, because that’s the first question I’m asking any human when I get to heaven (after I go behind your back to ask Jesus if you and Adam had belly buttons). You know, that question (the banana one) goes through my mind all the time, whenever any part of this broken world comes to the forefront of my attention.

Oh, Eve, I honestly think that, even though you’re the mother of humanity, you may be one of the most hated of women. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if you had just ignored the serpent and eaten from literally any other tree in all of paradise. Now, I know that probably at some point some bratty kid of yours would’ve eaten the fruit anyway, but it still makes me wonder. How could you walk with God in the Garden of Eden, and talk with Him, and reach out to hold His hand…and yet still choose death? You chose to trust the father of lies when he came in disguise as the lowliest of creatures. You chose to take that bite and walk away from a perfect world and a perfect God.

Oh, Eve, how could you? It’s because of you that the beauty of childbirth is haunted by pain. It’s because of you (and your husband’s decision to follow you) that sometimes all our hard work breeds nothing but dust. Oh, Eve, it’s because of you that the lion eats the lamb and the human lives in shameful shadows. Oh, Eve, it’s all because of you.

But oh, Carolyn, you’re just the same. You have the same paradise that Eve did, and yet you eat of the forbidden fruit every day. You have community with God through Jesus, and yet you choose to trample the cross in your pursuit of Satan’s lies. You have more access to God than Eve did, if you really think about it, because you have the ability to talk with God even when He isn’t already walking in the garden.

And yet, time after time, you choose the snake. You choose the simple pleasure that looks delicious but is poison once you bite. You choose gossip over building others up. You choose Netflix over spending time in prayer. You choose sleep over worship. And when you put those “innocent” and “harmless” habits to the light, you’re really choosing things that are already dead over life that will never die.

Oh, Eve, you did us wrong. But, oh, Carolyn, Jesus has turned your wrong to right, and Jesus has turned your dark to light.



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