Week of Devos-Day 1

Three years ago, God began promising me things. He spoke to me about a ministry, about a job, and about so many other areas of my life….then He asked me to wait. I walked through seasons of trust fall off a cliff kind of faith, and then seasons of anger, bitterness, and let’s just be honest here, seasons of hating God. I walked through weeks and months of not having a real quiet time, just because I was afraid of God telling me I had failed. How many of us can look back at our lives, and feel like we’ve stewarded something poorly? It can be a friendship, a job, a marriage-whatever it is, I’m sure we all carry regret for something. Do you want to know the incredible thing about God? He look past all the junk and dirtiness of my sin, pushes through the walls I’ve built, and fights for my heart because when His eyes finally meet mine, He calls me worthy. He calls me righteous.. He calls me breathtaking. He calls me daughter, ransomed, redeemed, chosen, beloved, and so many other beautiful names it makes my head spin to think about. Sweet reader, do you feel like you’ve failed today? Do you feel unworthy of the true names God wants to call you? Can I encourage you to simply get alone with Him, to sit in His presence, and let HIM speak over you. God makes up for out shortcomings, He looks past our failures, and He doesn’t see our mistakes, because THAT”S what Jesus died for. Jesus didn’t come just for the time I yelled at my roommate or cheated on that Spanish test junior year of high school, He came for the big mistakes I’ve made, and the big mistakes I’ll make. Get alone with Him today, and ask Him what He calls you.

-Hallie Smith


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