Week of Devos- Day 2

“At a young age, the enemy convinced me of a lie that has pretty much controlled my entire high school and college career: ‘I am dumb’. My freshman year of high school they started to give me special modifications on homework and exams in order to help me do my best in classes. I understood that it was not something I could help, but, to me, it only made me feel slower than the other students. From that it grew into ‘I am not good enough to make it anywhere in life’. I had friends in my life tell me that I was never going to be more than a waitress—I’ve even had a guy say to my face ‘Well, you could be an exotic dancer’ (I couldn’t think of another way to say it, so there it is). And people would talk to me as if I wasn’t able to comprehend what they were saying.
For a while, I started to believe that I was exactly who they thought I was.
When I gave my life to the Lord, things began to change. One day, He asked me ‘What lies are you believing about yourself?’ As I started to list them out, He would stop me after each one and ask me ‘What is the truth?’ When it came to this lie, I tried to utter the words ‘I am smart’, but I never could say it with absolute confidence.
You see… The moment I allowed myself to believe that lie, I let it determine my whole identity. And I lived in that identity for so long, it took a grueling process to begin believing the truth—to finally live out my true identity.
I recently went through a season where that lie began to creep back up again, but I finally saw the truth. I could see myself the way the Lord sees me. I am smart. I am enough, and I am capable of doing everything I’ve dreamt of doing.
Do you have a lie that you have believed about yourself? Have you let that lie blind you from seeing the truth? Everything the enemy says you are is the exact opposite of what God says. You have Someone who thinks you are incredible. You have Someone who thinks you are enough to exceed the expectations of this world. Stop listening to that lie! Because that’s what it is: a lie! God created you, not the enemy.”



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