Week of Devos- Day 4

Here’s the thing- I’m really bad at resting. I make to-do lists on my days off, I stack up errands and appointments because I feel like I’ve been productive. I even like  
to schedule and plan vacations so that there’s no wasted time. I’m bad at resting. I’m even worse at taking time to rest in God’s presence. I feel the lists in my head creep in as I pray in the mornings, the words in my Bible are quickly hidden by the thought of all I could be doing, and some days, I have the audacity to believe that I don’t have time to spend with the very One who created it. 
Throughout the psalms, we see the word, “selah” which means “to rest, or to pause,” among other definitions. The thing is, I don’t think David meant to just take a breather. I think David and the other writers of Psalms to literally step back, pause, and rest in the presence of God. When God asks us to rest, He doesn’t ask us to spend a day binge watching Netflix, or to take an afternoon nap (two of my favorite things). God calls us to a kind of rest that quiets our spirits, restores our souls, and brings us to a place of complete and total communion with the creator of time and breather of stars. The kind of rest we are called to is so much more than cutting down a to-do list. Isn’t that the kind of rest you long for? 
Take a minute, wherever you are. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and allow yourself a moment with your creator. Ask God what that looks like in your life. Does He want to speak something to you that He can only speak if you slow down and listen? Whatever it is, selah. 


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