Fruits of The Spirit-Kindness

​I really love The Walking Dead. Like, really love it. I care about what happens to the characters-I’m more emotionally invested in Glenn and Maggie’s relationship than I am in my own love life. What amazes me the most about The Walking Dead and the concept of a horrible end-of-the-world zombie apocalypse, is how easily the characters seem to be able to choose who gets to live and who has to die. In almost every episode, the characters are faced with a choice- is their individual survival worth more than that of the group?​

We are faced with those same moments in our own everyday lives. If we’re being real, I have never been faced with the choice of tripping my best friend so that I can run away from a herd of “walkers,” while her face gets eaten off. I have however, been faced with choosing whether or not I wanted to sacrifice something for her gain. I’ve had to choose to swallow my pride and serve people when I didn’t want to and I’ve had to choose loss so that someone else could gain.

​Isn’t that what Jesus did? Isn’t that what kindness is really about?

​Like every other spiritual gift we’ve talked about, we have to sacrifice some part of our flesh in order to gain something far greater. Being kind is so much more than watching what you say, or letting your little brother eat the last brownie. Kindness is choosing someone else’s happiness over our own momentary desires. Being kind is allowing the happiness of the people around us to overshadow a situation that could make us feel awkward, or when our flesh is screaming out for gratification.

​Hear me when I say this….choosing a spirit of kindness doesn’t mean that we need to live our lives in complete and total misery, or that we can never have something that makes us happy. When we show real, Biblical kindness to the people around us, we gain so much more than we ever could have imagined. When we live out these fruits of the Spirit, we are given a glimpse of how Jesus loves us every day.

​If, through our own actions, we can experience more of Jesus, wouldn’t we want to do those things every day? If a simple act of service or kind word means I can see more of my savior, I can say with all certainty that my fleshly desires mean nothing.  

​What does being kind look like in your own life? Is it ending the uphill battle of chores with your roommates and taking out the trash? Can you show kindness to a sibling or friend today by choosing life with your words, or finding a simple way to serve? Whatever it looks like, let’s choose to live a little more like Jesus today than yesterday.




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