The Disciples

 thought writing about the disciples would be easy—I mean, these guys were Jesus’s best friends. The disciples slept where Jesus slept, ate what He ate, and walked where He walked. I pictured them walking into towns and cities the way “The Plastics” walked through the halls of the high school in Mean Girls (minus Kady falling into the trashcan). These guys were the original #squadgoals and were a closely knit band of brothers.The crazy thing is, we know next to nothing about most of the disciples. We know that Matthew was a tax collector, we know that Thomas doubted, we know that Peter questioned, and we all know how Judas turned out. Despite these things though, we know little about their lives before, and we know little about their lives after.

Writing this blog series turned into writing a research paper almost, and it was way more difficult than that 25-page, 30-source paper that I had to write in my undergrad. I mean, what do you know about Bartholomew or James the lesser? Do you remember any 3-point-worthy sermons about those two? Could you tell me what they did for a living pre-Jesus? I couldn’t have before I started researching these twelve men.

What I do know about these men is that they were passionate. These twelve men were brave, they were courageous, and they struggled through their lives for the sake of the gospel. I can’t even begin to imagine the miraculous things these men saw take place, or fathom the things they endured simply to press on and know Jesus more. I do know that these men died excruciating deaths—some were tortured, some were crucified like Christ, John was beheaded, and many of them were martyred. They struggled through these kinds of lives and endured these kinds of deaths for the sake of the gospel and for the sake of Jesus Christ. What I know about these men is that they were passionate for Jesus Christ.

The crazy thing is, we have the same Jesus available to us. Now I know that we can’t physically eat lunch with Jesus, or see the scars on His hands and feet, but we can have just as much of a relationship with Him as these twelve men did. He listens to our prayers, He fights on our behalf, and His blood is the only thing that allows me to stand in the presence of my God. So if we have the same Jesus available to us, shouldn’t we be living our lives like these disciples?

Hear me when I say this—I am not telling you to go out and try to be a martyr or to be stupid in how you share the gospel. I am telling you that we are called to lives of faith and lives of reckless abandon so that we can see all that God has to offer us. I want my life to be marked by my faith and my actions, just like these men. I want to have the kind of faith that transcends the impossible, and stands in the face of unbelief. Don’t you?



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