I spent ten days in Germany studying the life of Martin Luther, so believe me when I say I’m an expert on the guy. Maybe not a PBS documentary kind of expert, but I bet I can quote more Luther than the average person. If you think Martin Luther was just some monk who nailed … More Emotions-Anger


I recently introduced my boyfriend to the movie Titanic, and the simplest way to describe his reaction is to say that I broke him. Apparently, he was expecting more cheesy romance and less historically-inspired scenes of death, and he was completely unprepared emotionally for the heart-wrenching reality. Who can blame him? Whether you’re team “Two … More Emotions-Sadness 


I saw the #metoo movement sweep across social media this past week, as I’m sure many of you did. I saw the stories of THOUSANDS of women-those I knew, and those of complete strangers- as they had a moment of boldness and bravery and shared their stories of sexual harassment, assault, and abuse. I read … More #MeToo

Emotions- Jealousy

I was waiting to turn left today, but a car was coming from the other way. I decided I should wait for her to pass, but then she started slowing and I realized she was going to turn the way I was going. “Ugggh!” I complained to myself. “If she’d used her blinker, I’d have … More Emotions- Jealousy


If you ask me what I’m most afraid of, get ready for a spider horror story. Usually, people tend to accept my arachnophobia without much objection. But, for the occasional skeptic, I’m always ready to defend my fear of spiders with a lovely narrative about how four-year-old me was bitten by a poisonous spider, unable … More Emotions-Fear

Emotions: Inadequacy 

If you had to guess the opposite of inadequacy, what would you say?Sufficiency? Worthiness? Value? While all technically true, the primary antonym for inadequacy is abundance. Ironically, our feelings of inadequacy, an emotion we love to hide behind but barely understand, come from a true lacking within our spirits. However, what we are missing is … More Emotions: Inadequacy 


When I learned that my first blog series with Worth More Ministries was going to about emotions, I almost laughed. I’m not an emotions kind of girl. I have never cried during a movie or show. I rarely cry at all. I don’t get angry very often, and it takes a lot of work to … More Emotions

The Disciples-John 

John: The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved I don’t find much value in consistently updating my social media accounts, but you’d better believe I let the world know when my boyfriend and I started dating. A Facebook profile could never validate the commitment he and I have toward each other, but there was a genuine significance … More The Disciples-John