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Callie Cherry (Head of Social Media)

Hi beautiful people! I’m Callie Rae Cherry. I have an older sister named Chelsea, and a younger sister named Colbie….Yes, I’m the middle child. I grew up in Fairfield, TX, but I am currently attending school in Dallas. I’m majoring in Christian Studies: Music Ministry, with a minor in Biblical Studies. I am a member of Gateway Church, and I’m a worship leader for our student ministry. I have had a love for dance since age 5, a passion for photography since I was 15, and I have a life-long devotion to macaroni and cheese. My ultimate goal in life is to make Jesus famous. Whether I’m on stage or off, in the spotlight or in the background, Jesus will be the One to whom I give praise!

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Carolyn Streett (Head of Blog Development)

Hey y’all, I’m Carolyn. Honestly I don’t know when I started saying y’all; I promised myself I never would. But really, how much easier is it to say “y’all’s” than “you guys’s” when you’re talking about whose freezer has more gallons of Blue Bell after the famine? Ok, back to the point. I went to high school in Crawford, Texas, population 705, but I was born in Southern California. My family moved here when I was in 8th grade. People usually say, “But wasn’t that such a huge culture shock?”   I guess so, but I was always meant to be here. Mostly because nobody in Texas knew me during my corduroy-floral-print-pants-with-matching-ridged-turtleneck phase (i.e. basically all of my childhood). But in all seriousness, I’m married to an awesome guy named Matthew, a writer for Southwest Airlines, and a lover of puns and Shakespeare (as long as it’s the Spark Notes version). My favorite activity (when it’s between 70 and 80 degrees, of course) is to be outside with my horse. I eat hamburgers meat first, then bun, and I order my sandwiches as “BLT without the L or T.” I trained my puppy to use a litterbox because I feel like that’s classy. My biggest fear is sharing the Gospel with my friends and coworkers because I tend to rely a little too much on what others think of me. My favorite characteristic of God (besides the fact he saved me from my hopeless sinful self) is his sense of humor.  I think God laughs with me in my triumphs and I know he stands with me in my weakness, and I would be nothing without him. I’m so excited to walk with all y’all (just took that up a notch there) through all the ups and downs of life, and my promise to you is to be as transparent as I can about my joys and my struggles and everything in between. Oh, and my biggest goal in life is for Jesus to say to me when this life is over, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetAlicka Cullison (Head of Design)

Alicka pronounced (Alec-ah) raised in Dallas, TX and I am currently working on my Masters in Counseling. You can find me reading anything pertaining with travel, vegan food, cultures, holistic health, hand lettering, and the Gospel. I value a new experience with coffee (preferably a cortado) and adventure. If you see me I am usually in floral and probably hand-lettering or laughing loudly. You could call me a nature enthusiast with a love of greenery, lighting, and mountains. I’m a wild dreamer, music junkie, indie film watcher, coffee addict, floral lover, people watcher, and a Believer.

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Hope Ray (Head of Marketing)

Hey there! My name is Hope Ray. I’m a recent college graduate from the University of Louisiana at Monroe, and new wife to my high school sweetheart, Logan. I studied Mass Communications, and spent most of my time with my head in a textbook or behind a computer screen. Now that I’ve got my big girl job as a content editor, not much has changed. But it turns out I get paid to write with my head behind a computer, which is a dream come true! The most important thing about me, is that I’m passionate. When I love something, I’m all in. Whether it’s friends and family, elephants, weather, shoes, or wine – I put my whole heart into it and cherish it. But most of all, I love God and helping others. These are the two things I am most passionate for, and try to build my life around every day.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetHallie Smith (Founder)

“It’s Hallie like Sally.” Or at least that’s what my mom used to say when people said my name wrong. I just graduated with my BA in psychology, and am pursuing a Masters in Counseling. I’m currently in Dallas, but there are little pieces of my heart all over the world. I’m going to be up front right now and say that my favorite movie is Nacho Libre, and that probably says everything you need to know about me. I’m a lover of Shark Week, glitter, and tacos. I have a passion for people, speaking, the Church, and making much of Jesus. I’m a list maker, a planner, a dreamer, and I have no concept of an “inside voice.”. However, all it really comes down to is this: I am a daughter of the King. I am ransomed, redeemed, and called by name. Jesus is the best choice I ever made. My heart for Worth More Ministries is that every woman would be able to end her “About Me” that same way.


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  1. I absolutely loved reading these staff bio’s – especially since I know a couple of these girls pretty well (one in particular – and she’s right about the mac and cheese). I am so proud of each of you for being a part of this!

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